A Greek legend

A Greek legend

A Greek legend


Mykonos Blu

A legendary pool overlooking a Greek beach with boats in the distance.

With its cool beachside presence, boutique hotel Mykonos Blu lives up to the famed Aegean island of Mykonos’s legendary international status

“Mykonos is an island of beauty and Mykonos Blu a hotel of unique character,” says Konstantinos Sinis, Director of Sales. “The views from the lobby are unparalleled. That is, until you see the views from your room, from the terrace, from the infinity pool…”

Situated on the south coast of Mykonos, the five-star hotel leads straight onto the renowned Psarou beach, sheltered from the Aegean’s strong Meltemia winds. “Its white sands stretch into the sea,” says Konstantinos. “Guests can spend the day by the azure waters, drinking champagne and eating delicacies.”

Inspired by the Cycladic architecture of Mykonos, the building grows from the rocky coastline in a series of cubed rooms and suites, with whitewashed walls to reflect the Mediterranean sun. Each suite boasts an infinity pool that stretches towards the horizon. “Mykonos Blu has a singular look,” says Konstantinos of this 2021 World Travel Awards winner. “It is a modern reimagining of the ancient style. It is like living in a fairy tale.”

For thousands of years, Mykonos was raided by pirates and invading forces. Among the towns and villages the influences of great empires, from the Romans to the Ottomans, can still be found. “The streets of Psarou unravel like a story,” says Konstantinos. “We can guide you to the best places to visit among the stone paved roads and light blue churches; or organise a boat trip to see the archaeology on the unmissable island of Delos.”

Konstantinos has a suggestion on how to spend the evening. “Watching the sunset from our Aegean Poets bar is moving,” he says. “Listening to the waves below with a cocktail in hand is just bliss.” He also recommends the hotel’s Delos Lounge for a “luxury tidbit” or taking a short walk along Psarou beach to the famous Nammos restaurant, to experience “the best seafood the Mediterranean has to offer”.

“This is an island of myth and legend,” says Konstantinos. Indeed, Greek mythology places Mykonos as the battleground of the Gigantomachy, a war between the Olympian gods and the Gigantes (Giants), who were vanquished by Zeus and Hercules. It is said that the petrified remains of the Gigantes became the boulders that sit atop Mykonos. “The gods fought over it for a reason,” he adds.