A legacy of luxury

A legacy of luxury

A legacy of luxury


Marge Carson and Linly Designs

Two legacy chairs in front of a window.

In continuing the 75-year legacy of Marge Carson, Janet Linly is taking furniture design and manufacturing to a new level of luxury

Founded by designer and entrepreneur Marjorie Reese Carson in 1947, US furniture manufacturer Marge Carson is recognised around the world for the quality and beauty of its luxury designs, exceptional textiles and fine craftsmanship. “Marge Carson is a luxury lifestyle brand and we recognise our discerning clientele’s refined taste and expectations,” explains President and CEO Janet Linly. “Our goal now is to elevate the Marge Carson brand to even greater heights.”

A woman in a luxurious black dress posing gracefully next to a grand piano.

When Janet Linly acquired the Marge Carson brand in 2022, it was an opportunity to expand her own already extensive portfolio. In 2002, she founded Linly Designs, a luxury interior-design firm in the Chicago area, and has spent more than 20 years building the company into one of the largest and most successful in the region. When she acquired Marge Carson, Janet knew that her passion for design, acute understanding of quality, and extensive entrepreneur and leadership experience would elevate this 75-year-old brand further, while honouring its legacy. Today, leading two prestigious complementary companies from her Chicago headquarters, Janet aspires to bring the Marge Carson brand to unprecedented heights globally, aligning it seamlessly with the refined expectations of an astute clientele.

Thanks to Marge Carson’s extensive library of sumptuous fabrics, unique finishes and impeccable details, each piece of the brand’s furniture is like a work of art. At the Marge Carson factory in Mexico, skilled artisans expertly create the bespoke pieces and their pride in their profession is expressed in every detail. Janet recognises that she shares with the artisans an excitement and passion for exceptionally crafted furnishings. “These pieces are remarkable and made by true craftspeople. They are artists. I appreciate their skills, their passion and their pride in what they create,” she says.

Janet explains which aspect of her growing empire provides her with the most enjoyment. “It’s our teamwork and the collaborative environment we have curated,” she says. “Whether it is with our designers, artisans or clients, everything we do is a team endeavour. One individual can accomplish a lot, but with a team of creative and ambitious people there are endless possibilities, and that is what I find inspiring. Together, we create luxury for sophisticated lifestyles.”

Marge Carson was founded by a female interior designer and entrepreneur with a vision of grandeur, elegance and sophistication. With perfect synchronicity, the company is once more under the stewardship of a visionary woman entrepreneur. What differentiates Janet from other manufacturers is her personal experience in the luxury interior-design industry. Along with top-level leadership skills, Janet’s experience in design, retail and space-planning gives her a heightened perspective on manufacturing, which coincides with the expectations of Marge Carson’s retailers, designers and clientele alike. And even in the whirlwind of constantly evolving fashions and lifestyles, Marge Carson Global remains true to Marjorie’s founding premise: introducing beautiful furniture designs with impeccable quality, remarkable textiles and unique finishes.

“We create exceptional pieces of furniture that are considered pieces of art yet are comfortable, luxurious and timeless,” says Janet. “When referring to luxury cars, brands such as Rolls-Royce come to mind. When speaking of luxury furniture, the name that comes to mind is Marge Carson. We have positioned ourselves among other bespoke high-end brands. These are brands that represent a lifestyle of timeless design and uncompromised quality.”