An Irish fling

An Irish fling

An Irish fling


Luttrellstown Castle Resort

An ornately decorated Irish room with a chandelier.

Luttrellstown Castle Resort comprises a luxurious, celebrated castle and a vast expanse of surrounding countryside, all available for private hire

For centuries, Luttrellstown Castle has stood as a testament to majestic beauty in Castleknock, just five miles from the centre of Dublin. This historic building was built by the Luttrell family 600 years ago on land bequeathed to them by King John in the 13th century. It has since fallen under the stewardship of a succession of diverse characters, from a lottery-winning bookseller to members of Ireland’s Guinness family, but now thrives as Luttrellstown Castle Resort, having been converted into guest accommodation for exclusive stays and events. Those who hire the castle gain sole access to the 20 bedrooms and more than 500 acres of land, making this the perfect location for a grand wedding, corporate event or private stay with friends and family.

“We reopened in 2012 after a refurbishment, with the goal of turning the castle into an exclusive venue, and it has grown into a very busy resort,” explains CEO Ivan King. “We are in a great location, only 20 minutes from the airport and 25 minutes to the city centre. We have the castle, but we also have an excellent championship golf course with an Alpine lodge-style clubhouse. We currently host more than 120 events a year, all year round – weddings, corporate or residential stays.”

The castle’s facilities include reception rooms, a billiard room, ballroom and library with 900 books – including a rare copy of the 1631 “Sinners’ Bible”, in which the word “not” was accidentally omitted from the commandment, thus reading, “thou shalt commit adultery”. Although the interiors are modernised, that sense of history is carefully retained. There are no televisions, for instance, as they are considered to look out of keeping with the castle’s aesthetic. Outside, guests can luxuriate in the open spaces, such as the beautifully maintained walled garden and a magnificent glen that can be explored by foot or on horseback. The golf course is another attraction, with a highly regarded modern European restaurant, as well as several events spaces and a terraced bar that overlooks the course. “Archery and falconry can be arranged,” says Ivan, “and the grounds can host marquee events, making the perfect backdrop for wedding parties.” The most famous such occasion was the 1999 wedding between David and Victoria Beckham, which focused the world’s attention on this unique part of Ireland.

Other famous guests have included Queen Victoria, Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco, Ronald Reagan and Paul Newman. As the Guinness family owned the castle for several decades, it remained a site for social gatherings during the middle of the 20th century. In its more recent incarnation, celebrities have been known to hire the castle before major events in Dublin to ensure absolute privacy. Public access is restricted to the handful of annual occasions, such as when afternoon tea is served there.

“This is the perfect venue for a family who want to come to Ireland to enjoy some serenity and play golf in a great location,” says King. “You can stay for one night or a week. We have concierge and guest relations – everything you expect in a hotel, except guests get an entire estate to themselves and receive a very personalised service. That offering is what has made us so successful over the past few years as there is great demand for exclusive venues.”