Diamonds from the future

Diamonds from the future

Diamonds from the future


Analucia Beltran Diamonds

A black and white photo of a woman with a diamond ring on her hand, representing a future commitment.

Eco, ethical and attainable, Analucia Beltran Diamonds’ contemporary designs and collaborations are pushing the boundaries of luxury jewellery

Analucia Beltran’s lab-grown diamonds are a feat of technology, and the woman herself is a force of nature. A jewellery designer, diamond expert and experienced TV host, her eponymous, sustainable diamond brand is growing at an unstoppable rate, tapping into the desires of an ever-more mindful customer base. “People now are more demanding and aware,” she says. “The youngest demographic, Gen Z, often only want lab-grown diamonds because of the ethical factor. They don’t want anything that is mined.”

Based in Toronto, Canada, Analucia formed Analucia Beltran Diamonds in 2020 with younger brother and Creative Director Lucas Calderon, both of whom were “living and breathing the business” as it grew. She began her career in the diamond industry after hosting live shows and gemstone seminars on cruise ships, which soon led to regular TV appearances. Now, her jewellery company has signed with HSN, the second largest shopping network in the US, reaching over 90 million households. “It’s shopping and entertainment, a great fit for our brand,” says Analucia.

A more recent partnership is with Canadian gemstone company Korite. Before she launched her jewellery brand, Analucia worked with Korite as a global brand ambassador. Now, she is designing collaborative pieces using her lab-grown diamonds and ammolite, of which Korite is the largest producer in the world. “Ammolite is one of the rarest gemstones in the entire world, a true geological wonder known as the seven colour prosperity stone,” she says. “It takes 70 million years to form and has been referred by feng shui masters as the ‘Gemstone of the Millennium’.”

A futuristic silhouette of a woman adorned with diamonds.

The close relationship between the two companies comes from a shared sense of ethics in the gemstone industry. “Korite’s mining practices are second to none. They’re registered as having one of the highest ethical mining practices, recognised worldwide,” says Analucia. “For us, it’s a beautiful story, marrying together the history of a Canadian gemstone like that and the diamond of the future with me, a Canadian designer.”

Analucia drew some of the design inspiration for the collaboration with Korite during a visit to London. “I went to the Tower of London, like a good tourist, and saw the crown jewels for the first time,” she says. “I almost cried. They were so inspiring I literally started designing straight away, completing the Korite collection.” These ideas have also fed into the charm bracelet collection that Analucia is launching, promising something new with lab-grown diamonds.

In another first, Analucia Beltran Diamonds is introducing the VIP Diamond Club, an exclusive programme that delivers discounts, early access and offers at no extra cost for its members. The service will be available on the cruises, too, where the Korite creations are being launched. “We’re making a community with our customers,” says Analucia. “It’s something that hasn’t been done in the diamond industry before.”

As for her next major step, in the coming years Analucia plans to expand the business into retail stores, to reach an even greater number of people attracted by the beauty and integrity of lab-grown diamonds. “By then, people will have seen the brand on TV and cruises, but the goal is to get the jewellery into their hands when they go into the stores. That’s the point at which everything completes full circle.”

Considering Analucia’s energy, spirit and imagination – not to mention her beautiful designs – it is safe to expect this circle to be completed sooner rather than later.