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A group of freestyle skiers posing for a picture.

Luxury brand Fusalp uses its expertise in developing elite skiwear to create stylish, technical clothes for life in the modern city

When British alpine skier Dave Ryding won the 2022 Alpine World Cup in Kitzbühel, Austria, it came as vindication not only of his own athletic prowess but of the technical qualities of his skiwear. He was wearing a kit by Fusalp, the luxury French company that has been making ski apparel for elite sports for more than 70 years.

The company built its formidable reputation on the slopes of skiing World Cups and Winter Olympics, but it is more than a brand for snowsport superstars. Fusalp can be found in the most sophisticated wardrobes, with clothes that combine the technical and functional innovations of sportswear and the elegance and comfort of high-end ready-to-wear. Fusalp clothing enables wearers to dress stylishly for the demands of modern life.

“The idea with Fusalp is to reinvent sportswear as what I call fashion tech. That means not compromising either on technicality or on fashion, so it performs like sportswear but looks amazing,” says CEO Alexandre Fauvet, who arrived at Fusalp in 2014 after more than a decade with Lacoste. “Fusalp can go beyond skiwear and the mountain because our way of life now incorporates outdoor elements. The way we live has changed dramatically. I used to have two cars ¬– now I have no cars and five bikes. We do sport every day without even thinking about it, and we need a wardrobe to fit this new way of life.”

The company began in 1952 as the inspiration of two tailors in Annecy in the French Alps, who applied their tailoring expertise to create skiwear, including the “fuseau”, the first technical ski stirrup pant, using the new stretchable fabrics from the US. It became synonymous with excellence and innovation when it developed the first competition ski suit in 1966.

Over the past decade, Fusalp has adapted its sporting success to clothing for the street, home and office, starting in France, then Europe, the US and Asia. “We have now a Fusalp store in London plus a concession in Harrods, flagships in New York and Zurich, and a new store in Aspen.”

A group of freestyle skiers posing for a picture.

The brand also opened a store in Seoul before the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. “We wanted to reconfirm Fusalp’s long-standing commitment to elite winter sports,” says Alexandre. “This was also the thinking behind our partnership with the GB skiing team, which has brought such success both for Fusalp and the skiers.”

Alexandre believes that the synergy between technical innovation and fashion will be the key to the brand’s continued success, as it expands its ranges for women, men and children. Service is another factor, with Fusalp offering a lifespan repair guarantee on all products.

The company has grown tenfold over the past decade, but is still scaling new heights. “We are operating at the fusion of sport and fashion. It’s a conversation between the mountain and the city, as well as the past and the future. As a 70-year-old brand, the vision is to remain authentic while looking forward. This is the recipe for success.” It is a recipe that allows the brand to continue to build and ensure its relevance for all.

“We believe that when you get dressed you must feel good in your outfit,” says Alexandre. “We want people to feel good when they put on their Fusalp clothes and prepare to face the challenges of life every day, whether on the slopes or in the city.”