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Lavish boats docked in a marina at dusk.

Meraas’ unique philosophy towards real estate development is moulding modern city life that goes beyond Dubai’s legendary glamour

Often dubbed the city of gold, Dubai is an enviable land of opportunity where no dream is unachievable. It is a magical place that leaves visitors in awe – and the destination of choice for the upper strata of global society. Shaped by the keen ambitions of its ingenious leaders, Dubai is continually evolving – reshaped by Meraas’ vision, a primary architect of one of the most beloved cities in the world.

The legacy of Dubai’s iconic developments has granted Meraas its rightful place as a highly respected city shaper. As Dubai has been constantly surprising the world with its agility and determination, Meraas has followed suit by creating distinctively luxurious residential communities as a focal point in destinations that have become globally recognisable landmarks. Its ever-growing portfolio includes numerous gems that continue to have an integral influence on the city’s character and vibe.

Meraas’ first ever residential offering, the urban-chic City Walk Residences, set the standard for premium and innovative design. While others were building skyscrapers, Meraas made a conscious decision to keep its patron’s preferences at the forefront by developing low-rise homes in one of the most prime areas in Dubai. The homes are complemented by a host of entertainment, leisure, hospitality, shopping and dining experiences in the wider City Walk community.

Exuding exclusivity and opulence, the collection of Bulgari residences set on the inimitable, seahorse-shaped Jumeira Bay Island are among the most coveted by the global elite. The ultra-luxury homes pay homage to the meticulous craftsmanship that Bulgari is celebrated for and Meraas has wholeheartedly embraced.

Rising majestically over the yacht club is the island’s pièce de resistance, the Bulgari Lighthouse. The awe-inspiring tower brings together sublime living spaces that are suspended between sea and sky. Floating over azure waters, the Bulgari Ocean Mansions seamlessly transition from land to sea. In signature style, the mansions perfectly balance flowing openness with total discreetness. Lastly, with expansive views towards the marina and sea beyond, the Bulgari Marina Lofts showcase timeless elegance that is in true harmony with Bulgari and Meraas’ design philosophies.

“All aspects of our properties reflect the history, culture and sensibilities of their destinations”

With turquoise tides rolling onto the white sandy shore, Nikki Beach Residences Dubai has one of the most scenic coastal backdrops to be found anywhere. The modern and minimalist architecture blends perfectly with the serene surroundings. The resort is the centrepiece of Pearl Jumeira, another of Meraas’ landmark island communities, and features a 450-metre beachfront, making it the largest across the entire portfolio of Nikki Beach properties worldwide.

Bluewaters Residences and Bluewaters Bay have inspired an aura of grandeur and uniqueness that is palpable throughout world-renowned Bluewaters Island. Home to the world’s tallest observation wheel, Ain Dubai, and some of the most popular restaurants and nightlife in the city, the attractions on the island speak volumes to the ambition of Meraas. The panoramic vistas of the Arabian Gulf, along with the close proximity to Jumeirah Beach Residence and Dubai Marina, further add to the appeal of residing in this iconic seafront neighbourhood.

The island community of Port de La Mer has taken inspiration from the allure of the Mediterranean. The architecture is reminiscent of homes one would find in the quaint coastal villages of Montenegro, and the seaside lifestyle of the community is brought together perfectly with a state-of-the-art marina and private beach for residents – another testament to Meraas’ determination of developing one-of-a-kind luxury communities with its patrons at the heart of every concept.

Burj Al Arab is the original icon that symbolises the aspirations of the visionaries behind this great metropolis. No matter where you are from, if Dubai is mentioned the first thing that comes to mind is this beautiful sail-shaped work of art. The prestige of living adjacent to the Burj Al Arab is immeasurable and Madinat Jumeirah Living, Meraas’ contemporary Arabesque community, has provided the opportunity to do so. With Jumeirah Beach, Madinat Jumeirah Resort and countless shopping and dining experiences in the neighbourhood, these well-appointed residences are definitely a statement address.

In many ways, Meraas embodies the ethos of Dubai – a place that is forward-looking, is always reaching for loftier heights and knows no bounds. With its communities set in the most sought-after luxury seaside and urban locations, with its unparalleled level of consideration when forming residential concepts, with its unwavering dedication to keeping Dubai at the pinnacle of major cities around the world, Meraas is a fitting yet humble flagbearer for the city itself.