On a cellular level

On a cellular level

On a cellular level



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Bio-cellular skincare brand Serucell takes the “software” of skin cells and restores the connection between them, to heal and rejuvenate from within

Our skin is never more than 28 days old. That is how often skin cells replenish – but unfortunately as we age, these cells lose the ability they once had to heal and keep us looking fresh and young. When Dr Walter Neto, a specialist in healing burns and wounds, went into his lab in West Virginia in the US, it was to find new ways to rekindle and reboot what he describes as the “software” of skin regeneration. He emerged with a groundbreaking discovery, an ingredient he promptly patented as KFS and used it to form the basis of Serucell, a luxury skincare brand that applies cutting-edge science to restore lost communication between skin cells.

“Serucell taps into our innate ability to heal,” explains Dr Neto, who co-founded the company with his friend and fellow physician, Dr Brett Jarrell, in 2016. “As we get older, we develop defects that mean we cannot access the ‘software’ that initiates the cascade of compounds that help us heal. In the lab, we created a situation that encouraged the cells to heal. We collected this cellular communication and Serucell is tapping into this ability, applying it to ageing cells to help them remember what they were like when they were younger.”

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A cellular protein complex, KFS works beneath the skin – a process the founders have named Underskincare – to rebuild the communication between the two layers of skin: the outer layer, or epidermis, which is primarily made of keratinocyte cells, and the lower layer, or dermis, which comprises fibroblasts. KFS, or keratinocyte and fibroblast serum, creates a powerful protein fusion that seeps into the lower layer of skin, leading to better communication between these layers, and ultimately deep rejuvenation.

Following successful clinical trials, in which people often recorded nearly 100 per cent improvements in skin hydration, brightness, smoothness and rejuvenation, other elements were introduced to create what Dr Neto and Dr Jarrell proudly believe is the best skincare product on the market. The idea was to create a universal product, one that would encompass all needs. That meant adding small doses of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin D to prevent natural damage and increase cell turnover.

“We knew we couldn’t make the cheapest cosmetic, but we could make the best using our background in medicine and science,” explains Dr Jarrell. “We then found the best elements that have been shown to produce the greatest results for skin healing. We used that knowledge to ‘retro-engineer’ the formula because we wanted this to be an item that would feel and look right.”

A bottle and a glass on a level pink background.

Serucell offers several products that benefit from the same pioneering technology: KFS Cellular Protein Complex Serum for the face, which can be applied every morning and night, an Eye Serum and Recovery Serum. They are widely available in US department stores as well as online. The brand is also available in Canada and is seeking retail partners to expand into Europe.

“We had a facial serum, then we added an eye serum and a recovery serum for post-operative use after cosmetic procedures such as microneedling. It reduces recovery time by half,” says Dr Neto. Other products in the pipeline include an exfoliant and a neck serum, all of which will help to restore that natural glow we took for granted in our youth.