Rest and rejuvenation

Rest and rejuvenation

Rest and rejuvenation


Hotel Jungbrunn

A hot air balloon floating serenely over a serene, snow-covered village.

The family-owned Hotel Jungbrunn in the Austrian Alps prides itself on making each and every guest feel at home

It is hard to believe that the origins of Hotel Jungbrunn can be traced to a simple ski lift. This beautiful family-owned resort in the bucolic Tannheimer Valley, in the Austrian Tyrol, now has rooms for 170 guests, alongside three restaurants and a 7,900-square-metre spa. None of this was even imaginable in the 1950s when it all began. “My grandfather built the first ski lift in the valley in 1957,” says Marcel Gutheinz, who owns the hotel and runs it with sister Viviana. “People told him they wanted somewhere to drink, so he opened a café. Then people said they would like to stay, so he added some beds. It was very simple at first, but then it started to develop. My parents took over and built the spa, the first one in the area, and then I took over in 2017.”

Having grown up there, Marcel and Viviana know every millimetre of the hotel and bring a personal touch – attentive but relaxed – to a resort that has always been their home. The staff-guest ratio is almost one-to-one, meaning those staying at Hotel Jungbrunn receive impeccable care, tailored to their individual needs. The resort is a wonderful space in a great location, but Marcel believes that ultimately it is people who make a place special and encourages visitors to experience both the excellence and “flexibility” when they are staying at Hotel Jungbrunn.

“This place feels like a six-star hotel, but one where you are allowed to wear a white T-shirt,” explains Marcel. “Everything is the best quality, but we don’t walk around in ties. We are like a cosmos here, in our own universe. Whether you get up really early to go into the mountain or want to sleep until midday and then have breakfast in bed, everybody is different and everything is possible. We try to meet people’s dreams and wishes, so their time is unforgettable.”

The hotel is acclaimed for its wellness offering, in fact its Spa is its unique selling point, offering dozens of treatments and activities. It features everything from a sauna, heated brine bath and outdoor pool, to a sunbathing island, grotto, natural pond and outdoor whirlpool.

There are three different restaurants –one for traditional Austrian food, a grill and fine dining. “Every night there is a six-course menu with an international touch,” says Marcel, adding, “With three restaurants, there’s always a possibility to try something new and exciting, and we cater for all dietary requirements.”

Outside the village of Tannheim, close to the German border, the resort is ideally located for culture and sport. Guests can visit local castles – Neuschwanstein is 30 minutes by car – or towns, stroll down to the nearby conservation area for a lakeside yoga class, or go biking or hiking. The valley – considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe – has gentle slopes that allow walkers to reach the top of the mountains without too much effort.

The mountains in the summer provide a respite from the heat. “We have lovely weather. It doesn’t get too hot, and you can open the windows at night and enjoy the fresh mountain breeze,” says Marcel. “Austria at this time of year is one of the most beautiful places on earth – but every one of the four seasons is special in the valley. Each has a charm, as the colours, sounds and smells of nature change.” And with exceptional skiing in winter (there is even a small ski area behind the hotel) the resort can be enjoyed all year round.