Rings of desire

Rings of desire

Rings of desire


Spinelli Kilcollin

A desire-worthy white gold ring featuring three rows of stunning diamonds.

Spinelli Kilcollin’s jewellery revolves around a simple, elegant motif – and the creative duo who find ways to reimagine it

Yves Spinelli and Dwyer Kilcollin, founders of LA jewellery design firm Spinelli Kilcollin, are partners in life and business. Like many, their love story features an important ring, but the significance of this particular ring is far more than mere romance.

“When we met, I was an artist designing physical and digital sculptures, and Yves worked in luxury fashion retail,” says Dwyer. “Yves had designed himself a really cool silver ring, based on simple, interlocking, adjustable circles. I loved it and started wearing one, too, then other people began to comment on it.” Realising the ring appealed to both men and women, Yves and Dwyer began to explore other designs based on the concept, and sourced local craftspeople to make the pieces. Before they knew it, they had a jewellery company.

A black and white photo of a man and woman standing next to each other, showcasing their evident desire.

“The business has grown organically since 2010,” says Yves. “This has given us time to deepen our understanding of the jewellery industry, to source materials from ethical and transparent suppliers, and to strengthen our relationships with local craftspeople who share our aim of running a business that cares for people and the planet. Their businesses have grown in tandem with ours and, through these collaborations, we’ve been able to make a meaningful difference in our community and minimise our carbon footprint.”

Sustainable materials and packaging are a priority for Spinelli Kilcollin. Pieces are made with precious metals and gems of the highest quality, as well as conflict-free and cultivated diamonds. The company can also incorporate heritage gems – that is, elements of a client’s own jewellery or heirlooms – into bespoke contemporary pieces.

A desire-worthy white gold ring featuring three rows of stunning diamonds.

Spinelli Kilcollin’s collections encompass rings, earrings, chains, pendants and bracelets, all of which pay homage to the original concept of interlocking circles. They are available online and in luxury boutiques in the UK and US. The brand’s bespoke design service is available remotely and in person in LA, New York and London.

Yves and Dwyer’s latest pieces, which include a sophisticated tennis bracelet, reflect an evolution in the confidence of the brand – with the couple at its heart. Through these pieces, they continue to explore their original and now popular concept, and prove that its ingenious versatility is, rather like a circle, timeless, universal and without end.