Sailing away

Sailing away

Sailing away



A man and a woman paddle boarding away in the water.

For the ultimate bespoke getaway, Yacht.Vacations draws up dream yacht-based holidays for its clients in destinations far and wide

“It’s about creating perfection in paradise,” says Nick Porter, one of three founders of luxury charter company Yacht.Vacations. The trio’s mission is to create unforgettable yacht-powered holidays for clients, whether it is sailing to the Pacific

North West to go whale watching on a solar-powered boat, or cruising around the Caribbean on a superyacht in search of the ideal beach.

Two people sailing away on a sandy beach under a palm tree.

“You are in this beautiful part of the world, alone, surrounded by nature and with nothing to do except relax,” says Nick. “It’s so different to a hotel. You are entirely self-sufficient, with a crew who spend every moment thinking of ways to improve your experience. These are moments you can’t replicate.” Indeed, Nick point outs, yachting has many similarities to the experience of luxury cars. “There are very few times in people’s lives when they feel such absolute euphoria as when they drive a classic car or step on to a private yacht.”

Formed in 2020, and based in Delaware in the US, Yacht.Vacations has gone from strength to strength thanks to the expertise of the founders and the company’s commitment to customer service. Many clients have taken their first-ever yachting holiday through Yacht.Vacations – and returned for more. The company has access to more than 25,000 yachts internationally and organises holidays in destinations around the globe, from skiing holidays in northern Norway (off-piste skiing by day, après-ski on deck each evening) to the uninhabited magic of the Virgin Islands. Greece, Croatia and the Balearics are popular destinations, as clients benefit from the freedom to move easily between secluded beaches and perfect coastal towns.

Crucially, clients only liaise with one personal consultant at the company – a sole point-of-contact who will take care of all their needs. Following discussions with the client, the consultant will draw up their dream holiday on the perfect yacht with the best crew and be available throughout to deal with any complications. “That develops a certain level of trust between ourselves and our clients,” says co-founder Nick Snow. “It’s the reason we get so much repeat business. We like to think you have your lawyer, your doctor, your accountant – and now you have your yacht broker. Just like them, we are there to solve a problem: a client needs a magical experience – how can we help?”

Crews are chosen as carefully as the boat, ensuring their interests match the clients’, from a love of extreme sport to a fondness for early-morning yoga. Yacht.Vacations has a presence on the ground in every key location to identify regional highlights. “We don’t use Google as a resource, we rely on local knowledge so we can really get to know the best things to do and the best times to go,” says Snow. “We encourage our staff to be out experiencing these things themselves rather than sitting in an office.”

As the third member of the founding team explains, the result is a holiday you will never forget. “On a yacht, you can combine so many experiences,” says Miguel Zapatero. “You can swim with turtles, eat fresh lobster on a beach and go to one of the best nightclubs in the world. I have never felt as relaxed as I do when I step on a yacht. By the third day, all your stress has gone and you can’t stop smiling.”