Testament of time

Testament of time

Testament of time


Escudo Watches

A testament to time, a watch is nestled within a box next to a card.

Escudo Watches, conceived by two timepiece aficionados, draws from the spirit of British-Portuguese maritime explorers to blend modern aesthetics with a touch of antiquity

“One of our key inspirations stems from the alliance between Portugal and Great Britain, an enduring pact that spans six centuries,” says Richard Johnson, co-founder, alongside Simon Correia, of Escudo, the British-Portuguese luxury-watch brand. “The audacity and courage of early maritime explorers, who braved the unknown seas, have also influenced our vision.”

Fuelled by these pioneers, Richard and Simon ventured into the intricate craft of horology during the pandemic. “I sketched out the first drafts of our timepieces with my daughter’s stationery,” Simon recalls. “As a connoisseur of watches, I aspired to create something that was not only masterfully engineered but also encapsulated the charm of modern vintage.”

The year 2022 saw the birth of the pair’s vision with Ocean Seacrest. This quintessential diver’s watch is peppered with unique accents such as compass points on the quarter-hour, four distinct colour palettes and a holographically inspired logo that emerges with breath or steam.

A testament to time, a watch is nestled within a box next to a card.

“We assemble our timepieces in Britain with precision Swiss movements, the straps are crafted in Scotland and our master watchmaker is in Winchester,” explains Simon. “And coming from a Portuguese lineage, having national footballer José Fonte as our debut ambassador is a matter of great pride. The journey of crafting the brand has opened many exciting avenues.” These further include having AF Corse Ferrari pro-driver Jamie Stanley as an ambassador, and a prestigious partnership as official timekeeper for Canada’s Toronto Wolfpack rugby-league team.

Avant-garde timepieces designed specifically for motor sports are among other ranges in the pipeline. “One upcoming piece is a World Traveller GMT watch, with dual time and 24-hour coverage,” says Simon. “An automotive-inspired range with chronographs will follow.”

Each Escudo timepiece bears the Cross of the Order of Christ on its back, an historic symbol that adorned the sails of Portuguese ships and the shields of crusaders. “Escudo translates to ‘shield’ in Portuguese,” explains Richard.

The cross is vertically aligned on each watch, just as the Rolls-Royce logo sits on its wheel hubs. “The Rolls-Royce logo remains upright regardless of the wheel’s rotation,” says Simon. “We take pride in incorporating such elegance and permanence into our own designs.”