The sleep of dreams

The sleep of dreams

The sleep of dreams


Carpe Diem Beds

A dreamy bed in a room with a sleep-inducing view of the ocean.

Carpe Diem Beds combines a Swedish aesthetic with a chiropractor’s expertise to bring nature-inspired comfort to a perfect night’s sleep

The unforgettable comfort and flowing beauty of Carpe Diem Beds were born more than two decades ago by the sea on Sweden’s mesmerising west coast. Börje Thuleskär, a chiropractor living by the archipelago, was out exploring the soft, rolling cliffs and crevices along the shoreline and during a picnic break he took his blanket and lay down on a bed of heather.

While basking in the sun and the surrounding natural beauty, he realised how comfortable he was. Stretched out on the heather, he was more relaxed and rejuvenated than ever before. That realisation sparked an idea that turned into a quest – to build the perfect bed, one that would mimic the feeling of weightlessness.

The quest took thousands of hours and a partnership with the Spinal Unit at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg. The result is still present today in Carpe Diem Beds’ patented designs. One of them – the Contour Pocket System – provides a unique cushioning ability. It gently yields and supports at the same time, instantly moulding to the body’s contours and changing with every movement. “Your spine is relieved of tension, and your muscles can finally relax,” says Rui Franca, UK Store Manager at Carpe Diem Beds. “The sensation is unique: almost weightless and quite unlike most standard mattresses.”

Today, Carpe Diem Beds still combines innovation with a design aesthetic inspired by the nature, serenity and colours of the Swedish coastline. Each bed is customisable in size, finish and fabrics. Customers can choose from 36 fabrics, including 20 from Designers Guild and The Romo Group. By combining ultimate comfort with simple design, Carpe Diem Beds’ goal, says Rui, is that “each bed becomes an integral part of one’s life, providing years of restful sleep and aesthetic pleasure.”

A dreamy bed in a room with a sleep-inducing view of the ocean.

Top of the range is Vindö, the most innovative adjustable bed, which offers automatic lumbar and neck support with head and footrests that can be lowered or raised to suit your needs. A variety of massage functions can be controlled via an app, as well as built-in under-bed lighting. The bed sits on central pillars and looks as if it is floating, adding to a sensation of weightlessness.

As the beds are bespoke, the company provides customisation advice to help design your ideal bed, from mattresses to headboards and models, while the bedding and bedroom essentials complement Carpe Diem Beds’ core philosophy to create the perfect place to unwind. With a flagship store in Marylebone and a presence in both Heal’s and Harrods, UK customers are invited to take their time in stores to ensure they find the best model and design to match their needs and style.

All the hi-tech innovation and customisation is fundamentally grounded in a respect for nature and craftsmanship. Using the best and finest raw materials, including slow-growth Nordic pine, Talalay latex and organic cotton, expert bedmakers craft each bed by hand in a Swedish manufacturing facility. Each one is built from start to finish by the same person, who signs the frame at the end as an ultimate marker of quality.

Sustainability is achieved by providing premium long-lasting products, and each bed comes with a 25-year warranty for bedframes and springs. With timeless designs and the highest quality materials, each bed will last for decades. And, as trends change, accessories can simply be updated without replacing the bed. “There’s no better single route to wellbeing for body and soul than rest and sleep,” says Rui. “That’s why Carpe Diem Beds is a long-term investment in your overall health.”