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A kitchen with a skylight above the range top.

Custom-made in the US with a focus on high performance and aesthetics, RangeCraft’s kitchen hoods keep kitchens healthy while looking good

A luxury kitchen brand that delivers on both aesthetics and function, RangeCraft Manufacturing has built a reputation for producing some of the most sought-after range hoods the market has to offer. Established in 1972, this “Made in America” company has been a pioneer in the industry for more than 50 years, creating what it refers to as “Jewellery for your kitchen”.

RangeCraft has become synonymous with customisation, with all products made to order in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, in a wide range of styles, shapes and finishes. The beauty is, if a client does not see something they like, the company will work directly with them to satisfy every want and need. “We are that company that, if the customer needs something, we never say ‘no’,” says Ramona Panus, who owns RangeCraft with her son, David Podwyszynski.

Built by some of the most talented and skilled artisans in the country, the attention to detail can be seen in every handcrafted range hood. RangeCraft uses only the highest quality of metals, ranging from stainless steel to brass and copper. It is also very common for the hoods to be powder coated to perfectly match the colours of a client’s kitchen.

When ordering a range hood, especially a custom-made design, it is rare to find a company like RangeCraft where the product’s functionality is as good as its appearance. The motors – which are important for removing the steam, smoke and other particles that emanate into the air during the preparation of a meal – are specially engineered for RangeCraft and have been perfected over time to offer professional grade ventilation. They also have a low decibel rating. “Often people associate the noise of a range hood with a jet engine,” says David. By contrast, RangeCraft uses specially crafted motors to engineer a hood that not only clears the air effectively, but also does so at a 52-decibel rating that is almost indistinguishable from usual kitchen background noise. “That’s no louder than your average fridge.”

A kitchen with a skylight above the range top.

Throughout the years, RangeCraft has worked with some of the finest designers, builders and architects. Most of their designs can be found in kitchens across the US, but it is not uncommon for RangeCraft hoods to be shipped around the world. The quality of their craftsmanship and individuality has garnered the attention of a wealth of people as diverse as celebrities, athletes, chefs, musicians and government officials – the majority of whom “are just looking to have something special in their home,” says David.

“Repeat customers typically return to the company after 30 years, having moved across the country and hankered after the look of the kitchens they left behind,” adds Ramona.

Ramona and David are no strangers when it comes to being innovative and delivering the wow factor. One of the company’s major accomplishments was to become the only range hood manufacturer in the world to adorn its hoods with Swarovski crystals. Along with a commitment to technical excellence and close customer consultation, this is what ultimately distinguishes RangeCraft from its competitors.

Every year, RangeCraft looks to introduce new products that truly set the bar for the bespoke range hoods. By offering creative freedom to clients with barely any limitations, the company really means it when it says “your hood, your way”.