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Wellness wonders

Wellness wonders


Kroma Wellness


Kroma Wellness’s five-day reset menu plan, with accompanying superfood products, makes it simple to get nutrition back in balance

“Our bodies often tell us we are out of balance long before we take notice,” says Lisa Odenweller, founder and CEO of Kroma Wellness. “As a healthy person most of my adult life, I began to experience unexplained weight gain, brain fog, poor digestion, inflammation and exhaustion in my late thirties. My doctor suggested it was part of ‘getting older’ and advised me to surrender to it. This was unacceptable to me, so I began a quest to understand all aspects of health, including food as medicine.”

After attending nutrition school in 2010, Lisa launched Beaming, a chain of grab-and-go superfood cafes in Southern California, which gained a cult following. In July 2021, she began a venture she could share with more people: Kroma Wellness, an e-commerce brand offering delicious, non-perishable, functional nutrition products that easily fit into your daily life.

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Kroma is best known for its transformational 5-Day Reset Program, which comprises 50 nutrient-dense meals, snacks and beverages designed to help people lose weight, reduce inflammation, increase energy and improve digestion, mood and sleep. The program requires little to no preparation, like all Kroma products, which have received rave reviews for their taste. “When customers complete the program, they feel and look better and are often inspired to continue to make healthier choices, as we make it easy and enjoyable,” says Lisa.

In addition to the 5-Day Reset, Kroma offers a unique collection of Daily Essentials to support people in maintaining a healthy routine. They include delicious “just-add-water” adaptogen lattes, nutrient-rich bone and veggie broths, superfood elixirs, plant-based protein smoothies, teas and superfood snacks – including the award-winning OMG Cookie Butter. One customer favourite, the Beauty Matcha Latte, with collagen, ginger, turmeric and a proprietary blend of “Beauty Mushrooms”, is a delicious alternative to coffee. Bestselling Super Porridge is an omega-rich blend of nuts, seeds and plant protein that helps to boost metabolism and nourish the mind.

The Program was coined the “most delicious, non-perishable reset on the market” by Vogue, while customers include Gwyneth Paltrow, who said “Kroma is so delicious and you feel so good on it.” With a Kroma presence in the US and Canada, Lisa is looking into wider distribution, to help more people transform their health by transforming their habits, one tasty sip and spoonful at a time.