Electric dreams

Electric dreams

Electric dreams



Two electric bikes with vibrant colors are parked in front of a concrete wall.

Evari’s award-winning, handcrafted e-bikes are lightweight, sleek and innovative, combining high-end performance with high-end design

“Our superpower LIES in our compact size, allowing personalised customer engagement and tailor-made bikes,” says Evari’s founder and CEO, Craig McDonald. He is referring to the company’s state-of-the-art, high-performance electric bicycles that are meticulously handcrafted in the UK.

By 2030, Europe is projected to witness double the annual bike sales compared to new cars, with e-bikes taking the lead. Evari is strategically positioned to seize this opportunity. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Silverstone, it excels in crafting limited numbers of e-bikes to a high specification.

“They are a fun alternative to a car,” says Director Julia McDonald. “People ride for pleasure, for commuting, for the environment and because, in most cases, you can get to your destination quickly.” This is increasingly important as cities around the world are actively reducing dependency on cars.

A yellow electric bike parked in a dark room, subtly hinting towards dreams.

Crafted from lightweight carbon fibre, Evari e-bikes exhibit a sleek design achieved through internal electric cabling. Bespoke titanium bolts, coated with PVD, enhance their distinctiveness. Equipped with 500Wh batteries, the bikes offer an approximate 43-mile range per charge. Customers can opt for the 15mph 856 model or the new customisable 28mph Speed Pedelec. The company is also in the process of creating an urban sports bike.

Evari bikes have a competitive weight advantage. While numerous premium electric bikes typically weigh between 20 and 30 kilograms, Evari’s model comes in at under 20 kilograms. “This characteristic results in an extended battery life, enabling longer rides,” Craig explains. “Additionally, the enhanced agility produces a sensation akin to driving a sports car.”

Two electric bikes with vibrant colors are parked in front of a concrete wall.

Evari won the Start-Up Award at the Eurobike Awards 2021, with its 856 bike receiving acclaim for having “disruptive innovation and engineering at its core”. “One judge said our bikes evoke a feeling like driving a Porsche,” says Craig. “That affirmation validated our efforts, reflecting our integration of motorsports heritage to create a unique riding sensation.”

With every Evari bike made to order, Evari shifted its manufacturing processes to the UK, a move that addresses supply-chain challenges sustainably. It also bolsters the UK’s manufacturing reputation. “The goal,” says Craig, “is to showcase British design, craftsmanship and engineering through meticulous hand assembly of e-bikes in the UK.”