High-end land yachting

High-end land yachting

High-end land yachting



A high-end bus parked in front of a building.

Taking its design cue from luxury yachts, Dembell’s bespoke, modern motorhomes break from convention to reinvent recreational or business travel by road

Dembell makes motorhomes with a difference. Originally created for those attending Formula One races, these luxury vehicles have all the design features and quality of a classic car or boat. “What you see now is the result of a collaboration with Mercedes and an Italian design studio responsible for the interiors of private yachts,” says Marketing Manager Attila Török. “We wanted to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the recreational vehicle (RV) market.”

The factory sales programme is Dembell’s way to foster an immediate rapport with customers. “This offers potential owners deeper insights into product specifications and the opportunity for special offers before placing their order,” says Attila. A dedicated factory sales representative assists the customer in picking the suitable configuration in every aspect.

The high-end interior of a luxury motor home designed for land yachting.

“Land yachting” is the term the company uses because the 12-metre-long, 26-tonne motorhomes can be used in a similar way to yachts. Owners must plan their routes carefully and reserve a space. They can then use a small car or motorbike, parked in the motorhome’s “garage”, to explore destinations further once the vehicle is stationed.

Unlike traditional RVs, Dembell’s designs have sleek, minimal lines and soft details. Hinges and handles are hidden and years of meticulous testing means the vehicles function like a modern home on wheels. “We developed our own software to control the heating, cooling and other functions inside the vehicle,” says Managing Director Gabor Filo. This also allows for remote maintenance by an expert team of engineers, if necessary.

A high-end bus parked in front of a building.

“Be a member of the few” is Gabor’s motto, and due to the limited annual production of only ten motorhomes, the product remains exclusive. There are three types of Dembell motorhome, differentiated by interior layout and garage size, the largest of which takes a vehicle up to four metres long. “Each vehicle is a masterpiece – handmade, hand-painted and custom-built,” says Gabor. “Each one takes 16,000 hours.”

The company began exporting across Europe but with global demand, they plan to launch in the US, followed by Asia. Typical customers are those seeking luxury away from home. “They want to be able to stop wherever they want,” says Attila, “and enjoy the freedom of travelling in style.”