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A fashion-forward woman in a black jacket and sunglasses holding a handbag.

Made from game-changing vegan materials, Hemincuff’s bold, luxury bags and leather goods combine ethics, craft and attitude

Hemincuff challenges convention, in every respect. Its bold, geometric accessories break away from fast fashion, and its luxury offering is made from vegan and recycled materials. To hold a Hemincuff bag is to have a fashion revolution at the fingertips.

“Hemincuff is a young brand on experienced shoulders,” says CEO Meliza Veloz, who heads up the New York-based company with her brother-in-law, co-founder and Creative Director Noel Veloz. “Noel’s father founded the business many years ago, handcrafting bags exclusively for private clients. His creative genius and craftmanship has been passed on to Noel, who has brought his own reinvigorating energy to the brand.”

Noel invited Meliza to join him in developing Hemincuff in 2022. They both share a passion for taking the brand to the next level, introducing innovative and sustainable accessories to the luxury sector. “The products are led by quality and design, first and foremost,” says Meliza. “But beyond the luxe is something much richer: genuine, ethical family values.”

A fashion-forward woman wearing sunglasses and shorts posing on a white background.

Hemincuff bags are predominantly made from a groundbreaking blend of Italian PU leather, which has been shredded and mixed with recycled rubber to create a stronger, more durable fabric. In addition, the company sources nylon, canvas, microfibre and hardware – which are also recycled – from suppliers in Italy, New York and Mexico.

The company’s commitment to sustainability extends to the recycled packaging and using shipping with the least environmental impact. The mission is to plant 100 trees a year as part of the One Tree Planted project. “But it’s not just the planet that’s important to us, it’s people, too,” says Meliza. “We are a Latino family, a minority in this space, and we’re committed to representing and supporting the community, which is why our products are handcrafted in Mexico as well as the US. We showcase the high quality of Latino craftmanship.”

Hemincuff accessories are available exclusively online, another indication that this is a brand willing to both stand out and stand on its own two feet. “Sustainability is a relatively new concept in fashion, and we’re a young brand, but our flag is firmly in the ground now,” says Meliza. “We’re excited to be in the hands of a new generation of more mindful, conscious and fearless fashion icons.”