Just add water

Just add water

Just add water



Just two mint colored notebooks on a white background.

Humantra’s naturally derived, electrolyte drink mix helps maintain healthy hydration levels for a physical and mental boost

Humans are around 60 per cent water. The precise amount varies according to a person’s age, sex and hydration levels, but a 2 per cent drop in body water content can affect our mental and physical wellbeing, often before we feel thirsty, so a proactive hydration strategy should be part of everyone’s daily routine.

Studies show that most people are not adequately hydrated and can suffer brain fog, low energy, headaches and inflammation as a result. When entrepreneur Charlie Wright began to research hydration and the associated essential minerals, his findings led him to develop Humantra – a naturally flavoured, plant-based, sugar-free electrolyte and antioxidant drink mix, launched in 2022.

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“I was going through a difficult time personally, which included losing my father to cancer,” says Charlie. “This prompted me to re-evaluate my life. I detoxed everything – my social life, digital life, food, drink; you name it, I reassessed it. What started as a dark period ended up being a seminal moment, with my health and wellbeing at the centre.”

While on this journey, Charlie discovered the importance of – and barriers to – adequate daily hydration (“I realised that if I was finding it difficult, others could be, too”), so his focus shifted to encouraging people of all ages to drink more water, rather than just those who are active and wellness aware.

Just two mint colored notebooks on a white background.

He found that many of the hydration products on the market contained artificial additives, while the “cleaner” ones tasted awful. “I wanted to develop a naturally derived product that boosted hydration and tasted great, without sweeteners or additives to disrupt gut bacteria or blood glucose levels. Humantra achieves all this, without compromise, and makes drinking water regularly much more enjoyable and beneficial.”

Available in three natural flavours, Humantra’s sachets contain six essential minerals – potassium, calcium, sodium, chloride, magnesium and phosphorus – along with chromium, vitamin B12, vitamin C and zinc citrate. Together they support healthy metabolic and immune-system function, as well as helping to maintain hydration levels. As its name suggests, Humantra works like a mantra, providing a daily focal point to kickstart hydration and nourish the body.