Home in the sun

Home in the sun

Home in the sun


Renew Realty

A sun-drenched home with a swimming pool.

Renew Realty offers expert guidance to find the dream property for those wanting a slice of the high life in Marbella

The sun-drenched seafront, historic old town, luxury villas and dramatic clifftops of Marbella have been attracting high society for decades, with the Andalusian city becoming a byword for sophisticated Mediterranean charm. Replete with high-end restaurants and an array of international golf courses, it is a thoroughly desirable place to live, which is why Marbella-based estate agent Renew Realty helps those who want to buy into this dream Spanish lifestyle.

At each stage of the process, Renew Realty draws on a wealth of local knowledge and experience. “We believe the journey to finding your perfect property should be a memorable experience. Our curated portfolio comprises the finest, most innovative and inspirational properties, meeting the needs of the most discerning buyer,” explains Jim Muirhead, Renew Realty’s Director. “We have extensive experience in the luxury property market, and expert knowledge of Marbella and surrounding areas.”

A large white house with a homey feeling, surrounded by a lush green lawn.

From the warm climate and vibrant lifestyle to the facilities and food, Marbella has universal factors that make it such a great place to live. Demand is also stimulated by the fact that anybody who spends more than €500,000 on a property without financial assistance receives a Golden Visa, which grants prospective residents a residence permit and unlimited travel throughout the Schengen Area.

Renew Realty boasts over 20 years’ experience in real estate on the Costa del Sol. The company includes a passionate team of multilingual property professionals who are dedicated to delivering the highest levels of service at every client touchpoint. There is also a specialist in-house lister whose role is to take care of all properties coming onto the market for sale.

The founders of Renew Realty have had personal experience of searching for property in Marbella, too. This means they deeply understand the challenges of looking for property in the area and empathise with what clients can sometimes endure if they are not with the right agent. At Renew Realty, they listen to clients’ needs and place clients’ enjoyment of the experience above all else. “Clients can enjoy just one point of contact with Renew Realty, as we have access to every single property on the market in the area,” says Jim. “We take the time to know and understand the client and their needs, and passionately believe their house-buying journey should be memorable, for all the right reasons.”

Fortunately, Marbella has a stellar range of properties from which to choose, thanks to a constant cycle of upmarket new developments and stylish refurbishments led by a team of international architects and interior designers. Renew Realty guides customers through the intricacies of the Spanish legal system and can recommend lawyers and mortgage brokers, as well as property managers to look after the home when the owner is absent. Every client is given an easy-to-follow buyers’ guide that explains the process in advance.

Customers quickly realise they are in trusted hands, which serves to exceed the expectations of the individual’s house-buying experience. “We recognise that each of our clients is trusting us with one of their largest purchases, which is often founded on feelings rather than functionality.

“It is our pleasure to guide our clients to secure their dream home in Marbella and relax in the lifestyle the area has to offer.”