Naturally spectacular

Naturally spectacular

Naturally spectacular


Golden Pineapple Villas

A naturally stunning house with a pool in the middle of a tropical garden.

A modern hideaway in a tropical paradise, Golden Pineapple Villas allows guests to experience Costa Rica’s remarkable biodiversity up close

“I fell in love with Costa Rica when I visited as a tourist from Canada,” says Jessie Rodgers, owner of Golden Pineapple Villas – a boutique hotel she designed and developed on 14 acres of lush mountainside in Uvita, on the southern coast, with spectacular Pacific Ocean views.

Costa Rica attracts visitors in pursuit of wildlife, adventure and winter warmth. “The country has jungles teeming with exotic life, waterfalls cascading down mountains, volcanoes, vast beaches and fascinating cities,” says Jessie, who opened Golden Pineapple Villas in 2017. “The only thing I felt it lacked was a hotel where guests could be surrounded by beautiful fauna and flora but immersed in supreme luxury, with meticulous service. I’ve always enjoyed luxury travel, so I had a clear vision of what was needed and I decided to create it myself, to perfect the guest experience.”

Golden Pineapple Villas, which is for adults only, offers seven individually designed one- and two-bedroom villas, all with kitchen and living areas, air conditioning and high-speed internet. Each guest space comes with panoramic ocean views, from the king-size bed, private pool, sundeck or outdoor soaking tub, plus a mesmerising soundscape of jungle high jinks, courtesy of monkeys, toucans, macaws and tree frogs.

Given its location in Central America, Costa Rica has a natural wealth of biodiversity, and Jessie is keen to help preserve this. “We’ve only developed a small section of our land to create the villas, restaurant and bar, main infinity pool and sundeck; the rest is a nature reserve offering sanctuary to wildlife and our guests. We’ve intentionally created a small hotel, so we can sustain this beautiful environment and the level of personal attention and seclusion we offer.”

Jessie has invested in water conservation and solar energy, and she tries to source everything as locally as possible to support the community, such as the luscious handmade soaps and lotions. This is all part of the guest experience, which includes a concierge service that pairs guests with unforgettable activities and moments, or the culinary delights created by Golden Pineapple Villas’ chefs for guests to enjoy in the restaurant or in-villa. The expert team is devoted to turning a dream holiday into reality.