The beautiful cure

The beautiful cure

The beautiful cure


Mayrlife Medical Health Resort

A beautiful dock with chairs and umbrellas on a serene lake.

At Mayrlife Medical Health Resort Altaussee in Austria, guests discover breathtaking landscapes, a luxury hotel and health spa all in one

When visitors arrive at Mayrlife Medical Health Resort Altaussee in Austria, they are entranced by the sheer beauty of their surroundings. The luxury resort sits on the edge of pristine Lake Altaussee, surrounded by mountains, and guests are free to enjoy the fresh air, peace and freedom of the landscape.

“We are unique as we have a medical product that is also a clinic and a five-star hotel in beautiful countryside,” says CEO Dr Dieter Resch. “We have a holistic approach to improve every aspect of your physical health – and your psychological status if required.”

The main target is a detoxification and regeneration process. “Our aim is to restructure and heal the digestion system, which represents more than 80 per cent of your immune system,” says Dr Resch. “Our food is delicious and regenerative, and every guest receives a different diet.” Dr Resch recommends guests stay at least seven days because it takes at least a week to bring the programme to life. “The cure begins with a consultation with a doctor, and you will see a doctor every day,” he says. “They will develop a specialist treatment plan perfectly tailored to each guest.” This includes an exercise routine that can involve everything from guided forest hikes to yoga on the jetty.

The medical professionals form part of a team of more than 120 staff, including therapists and nutritionists, each using their expertise to support guests in their health journey. Weight control can be part of the programme goals. Australian actor and comedian Rebel Wilson is an advocate of Mayrlife and visits every year. Rebel has reduced her weight by half with the support of Mayrlife, and has also, like other guests, identified intolerances to reduce inflammation in her daily life. Dr Resch highlights the importance this can have on wider physical and mental health.

“We want to clean the cells because they accumulate rubbish when we eat badly or experience pollution or stress,” he says. “A polluted cell does not develop in the correct way and that can cause inflammation leading to diseases such as cancer. We want to cleanse the cells. This can treat diabetes and high blood pressure, and help prevent cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart disease by bringing better balance to your body.”

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While every Mayrlife guest can choose from one of eight specialist medical programmes, these are adjusted to suit individual needs and tolerances. It ensures every programme is optimised to produce the best results for each client. Dr Resch does not want to help a guest lose weight only for it to return the moment they get home – so programmes are carefully calibrated. “We do weight care, we repair the digestion system, and we improve eating habits so the guest can achieve their natural weight in the healthiest way,” he says.

It is an approach that has had remarkable success and seen round-the-year occupancy. Around 70 per cent of guests come from English-speaking countries, particularly the UK. Many come every year. “We educate people as well as cure them,” says Dr Resch. “Once you have passed the initial detox phase, you will be more creative, you will have better taste, you will sleep better and feel energised. That is why people come back every year and bring friends and relatives. Our success is the best way of finding new clients. When people leave, they feel so good and are so proud of what they have achieved.”