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Lullaby Skincare

A woman carefully brushes her baby's teeth in a bathtub, ensuring every tooth is clean and healthy.

Luxury Australian baby brand Lullaby Skincare utilises organic native ingredients to ensure pure, healthy skin for babies – and their families

A parent’s instinct to cocoon their baby is a powerful one, and protecting the infant’s delicate skin is a primary responsibility. The search for pure, high-quality baby skincare that is a pleasure to use was the inspiration behind Australian entrepreneur Kirsty Gow-Gates’ Lullaby Skincare. A huge success in Harrods since its 2017 launch, the luxury brand is popular with parents as well as their babies.

“When I was hunting for baby products that were natural and full of pure, gentle and high-quality ingredients, I found two distinct categories,” says Kirsty. “There was lovely baby skincare you might buy in Europe, but these products contained nasty ingredients I wouldn’t want to put on my baby’s skin, or natural baby products you would buy in a health shop that didn’t look or smell at all beautiful.” Her idea was to merge the two categories to create a range of baby skincare that was extremely gentle, safe, effective, and looks and smells beautiful – “a brand families can trust”.

Kirsty, who has two young boys, worked closely with a dermatologist to create Lullaby Skincare’s four-product range: Calming Body Wash, Heavenly Soft Lotion, Soothing Nappy Cream and SPF 50+ Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin. “It started as a baby range,” she says, “but it is for all ages of children, as well as children and adults with sensitive skin or eczema.”

Lullaby skincare gift set with the creme de la creme.

When developing Lullaby Skincare, Kirsty was determined it would be an all-Australian brand, so the organic ingredients are grown on pesticide-free Australian farms and refined, blended and packaged in Australia. “It is lovely to know that there is an honesty, transparency and passion about the products,” she says. They are also aloe vera-based, which sets them apart from other skincare brands that are simply water-based. In addition to the high-quality aloe vera, Lullaby Skincare uses generous quantities of chamomile, jojoba oil, avocado oil and vitamin E. The range is free from harmful ingredients such as sulphates, parabens and petroleum, and is certified Cruelty Free and Planet Safe.

With a background in PR and marketing, Kirsty has a keen eye for detail and presentation, ensuring the pureness of the ingredients is matched by elegant packaging that enhances any bathroom or nursery. “It was important to me to make the products alluring,” she says. “I was thinking about the modern, chic mother who wants gorgeous products around her.” These products are also available in elegant gift sets for newborns, babies and families.

Sun care is taken seriously in Australia, so Kirsty’s now bestselling SPF 50+ Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin was developed to meet exacting safety standards, as well as being ultra-gentle for a baby’s delicate skin. The feedback from customers who use it as a face cream has inspired Kirsty to expand. “It is a hero product in our range. Women love its joyful fragrance and silky texture,” she says. The team are creating an SPF 50+ Sunscreen with vitamin E as a primer for women and a vitamin-boost facial serum that also helps with skin pigmentation during pregnancy. “As with the baby range, it is about finding beautiful natural ingredients that are biocompatible with the skin and clinically tested.”

As the Lullaby Skincare range expands across Europe, it will remain all-Australian and delicately formulated, all the while looking and smelling joyful. “Bathing your babies or putting sunscreen on them outdoors and at the beach are bonding, joyful times – and replenishing and nourishing their skin is all part of that joy.”