The soul of travel

The soul of travel

The soul of travel



Two zebras travel soulfully in a grassy field at sunset.

Cazenove+loyd curates sublime, personalised travel experiences to remember forever, in destinations spanning the Arctic to Australia and everywhere in between

“We believe in putting people at the heart of travel,” says Nabila Richardson, Marketing Director of personalised travel specialists cazenove+loyd. “Everyone in our team has an authentic love of travel and empirical expertise.”

When cazenove+loyd was founded 30 years ago, it was born out of a philosophy to connect travellers to the finest guides in the business and bring the curated experience found on safari to other types of trips and regions of the world. Today, the company’s experts plan tailor-made travel to destinations including the Arctic, Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Indian Ocean, the Middle East and the Pacific Islands, sourcing the most knowledgeable guides to bring the character and soul of each location to life.

A woman with a vibrant soul, wearing a colorful scarf and hoop earrings, gracefully embodies the spirit of travel.

Cazenove+loyd also crafts bespoke itineraries for celebrations and events, taking the time to understand each client dream, to deliver truly extraordinary journeys. A recent success story was a 50th birthday trip to Brazil. “We arranged guided expeditions in Rio de Janeiro, private hikes up Sugarloaf Mountain and visits to local dance clubs and restaurants,” says Nabila. “We also organised hang-gliding expeditions, with permission to land directly on the beach. This was followed by a relaxing stay at a divine villa on the coast in Angra dos Reis, where guests had a personal mixologist and masseuse on hand.”

On another occasion, the team arranged for a client to retrace his ancestry in Nepal, an unforgettable journey that took months to design. “We never say no, and love a challenge.”

Two zebras travel through a grassy field at sunset, embodying the soul of the wild.

Devising an original take on must-see sights is intrinsic to cazenove+loyd travel, ensuring clients enjoy the highlights without the masses – think a private sunrise breakfast on a quiet, grassy bank overlooking the Taj Mahal. “We always push for the best and come up with innovative ways for clients to experience a place in the most rewarding manner, so that they are left with extra-special memories,” says Nabila.

The London-based company takes care to leave a positive impact on the destinations it serves, contributing to local charities that make a difference in their communities. It also favours locally owned, small-scale lodges and hotels. “A fantastic holiday is all about the experiences, the people you meet, and the captivating stories that you return home with – this is exactly the kind of journey you can expect with us.”