More than skin deep

More than skin deep

More than skin deep



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Biokidé’s skincare range has a magical, therapeutic ingredient that not only nurtures the skin, but also the African community at its source

The African baobab tree has been hailed as the “tree of life” and the “pharmacy tree” because of its many reported therapeutic uses. The French-born founder of Biokidé, Fatimata Kane, descends from Senegalese parents and has witnessed the tree’s medicinal and cosmetic applications. She has combined these centuries-old African traditions with cutting-edge French bioscience manufacturing techniques in the Biokidé luxury skincare range.

The nutrient-rich properties of baobab fruit include omega-3 fatty acids – to which its moisture-retaining, protective and rejuvenating skincare qualities are attributed – along with high levels of vitamins and minerals, which are associated with healing and anti-inflammatory properties and are used to treat skin conditions such as eczema and acne. “The qualities of baobab oil have long been celebrated in Senegal, but they are less well-known outside Africa,” says Fatimata, who set up her business in 2010. “I wanted to share them with the world, but in a way that benefited the source of the oil just as much as my customers. So, right from the start, Biokidé has been an ethically conscious business.”

A woman with flawless skin in a red dress sitting in a chair.

The high-quality baobab oil at the heart of Biokidé’s face masks, anti-ageing creams and face creams is sourced from the Thiès region of Senegal, from suppliers who support sustainable methods, fair trade policies and equality for women. The oil is then blended with high-quality “carrier” ingredients in a luxury skincare laboratory in France.

Fatimata’s determination to nurture the community at the source of Biokidé’s baobab oil led to the company supporting the prestigious 2021 Prix Galien Africa, which awards excellence and innovation in therapies for the benefit of humanity. In recognition of its commitment to creating a positive impact on society and the planet, Biokidé has been awarded the coveted Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury. The independent certification verifies that the brand has attained the highest standards in innovation and social performance.

“I feel it’s very important that every aspect of a Biokidé product has a positive impact, from the ingredients to the eco-friendly packaging. I want our customers to feel great when they look in the mirror – not just because of the positive effect of the baobab oil on their skin, but also because of the positive effect that Biokidé is having on society and the planet.”